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  1. February 11, 2022
    tags: gallery  instagram  

    I got tired of managing Azure blob storage and switched over to using Git LFS for my Photo Gallery. This has resulted in an insane performance boost to the page, so much so that I’ve unlimited it and now 500+ images will load, lazily, as you scroll down the page. This is a great improvement and just…

  2. January 05, 2022
    tags: excel  powerquery  

    Objective Let’s say we’ve exported data from our accounting system. Rather than displaying one row for each record, our system uses many rows for each order. Plus, the orders have a variable number of rows. In other words, some orders have 4 rows while others have 3 and so on. This is illustrated…

  3. November 14, 2021
    tags: gatsby  

    I recently upgraded to Gatsby v4 and in so doing re-created the site from scratch using a generic starter. The redesign is welcome because the old one was causing me a lot of headaches from the constant compatibility warnings. However, the new version also seems to perform much worse, in that pages…